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"A team of U.S. archaeologists unearths an ancient pyramid buried deep beneath the Egyptian desert. As they search the pyramid's depths, they become hopelessly lost in its dark and endless catacombs. Searching for a way out, they become desperate to seek daylight again. They come to realize they aren't just trapped... they are being hunted."

The film originally titled Site 146, and now re-titled simply The Pyramid, has unveiled it's first trailer. Gregory Levasseur makes his directorial debut with The Pyramid, but he's in good company with Alex Aja as the producer. Alex Aja is the horror genius behind High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes (remake), and the American Mirrors remake. Also note that Alex Aja was a producer on the Maniac remake, which I found to be fantastic. With Aja overlooking the project, I'm certain it won't disappoint. I'm pleased with the film's stars Ashley Hinshaw (Chronicle), Denis O’Hare (Dallas Buyers Club), James Buckley (The Inbetweeners), and Daniel Amerman (Glee). Hopefully they deliver on The Pyramid's vast potential.

If one things for sure, it's that this will be something unlike what you've seen before. And, it'll more than likely be a "hardcore" horror picture. The trailer looks good enough for me, and guaranteed a seat or me in the theater when it's released December 5th of this year.

With Eli Roth's The Green Inferno being taken out of commission until further notice, this just may be the horror film that we need this year. After all, it's been a pretty weak year for the horror genre and we could all use a little pick-me-up!


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