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Thanks to Rob Zombie, more concept art by Alex Horley has been leaked from Zombie's upcoming horror movie, 31. One can only begin to think that Mr. Zombie keeps teasing these images as a means to gain more money in his crowdfunding campaign. If you ask me, it's working. Even Dread Central claims that when they post the latest concept drawings released that it's their most trafficked articles. If you're looking to donate and help get the film made, check out the film's official site, HERE.

From the image revealed, it looks as though the same girl we've seen in other concept art is taking on a circus small person who looks maniacal with the word "pain" either tattooed or drawn on his forehead. Like a typical Rob Zombie movie, it looks disturbing and depraved.

Nothing new has been revealed about the plot or characters yet, so all we still know as of right now is that the film takes place on Halloween (hence the 31), and is centered around five teens who are forced to play a violent and deadly game titled 31, at a place called "Murder World", which appears to be a circus or amusement park of some sort. No one knows what the full scoop is yet, but as Rob Zombie himself promised, it's going to be "sick" and "twisted", and most definitely rated R. If you ask me, there's one thing that we can all bet on; his wife Sheri Moon Zombie will be in it (laugh).

What I'm still waiting on is to hear who's actually going to be cast for 31. As we all know, Zombie tends to have his handpicked actors (Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Danny Trejo, Sheri Moon Zombie, and more), but will we get something fresh and original with new people? I think that'd be a nice touch to freshen things up a bit. I think Rob needs a refresher more than anyone after the bashing his last effort The Lords of Salem took. Hopefully we see some new (and strong) actors cast in roles for 31 along with something innovative in the story that puts him back on the throne that he has climbed on top of in recent years.



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