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Just a few weeks ago, toy and collectible manufacturing company Neca, released their 2nd NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Jason Voorhees retro-style action figure upon the world (exclusively at Toys R Us). And now, it looks as if the need and/or want to relish in the old school 1989 video game based on the Friday the 13th series has expanded beyond that of just collecting an 8-inch action figure. Because, now Neca is making a full scale mask based off of the dated game's look that's both glow in the dark and is wearable!

Coming complete with "elastic harness straps", the hand-painted replica also comes in a "game-inspired" package, though there are no photos of the packaging at this time. If you ask me, going as video game Jason for Halloween is pretty damn original. And, it's bound to be a conversation piece for anyone who spots you wearing it. It's definitely thinking outside the box in terms of costume ideas, however, you'll have to wait until next year to wear it as a costume piece, because it won't see a release until this November. Part of me is a little ticked that the timing is off on this release, because it's such a cool idea!

Although the release date is a bit of a downer, the quality shouldn't be a problem, because Neca has done several Jason Voorhees mask replicas before and they've all turned out great. I personally own the 2009 remake mask they made, and aside from a commercial and standard paint job, it's well worth what I paid for it.

The best part about the mask replica's Neca reproduce is that they're very affordable, costing less than $30 shipped in most cases! For more info, check out Neca's official website HERE.



What do you think of this NES-style mask?

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