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I remember my grandfather ( a WW II Vet ) told me about the day of the moon landing. He was listening to the broadcast over the radio. After they had touched down and stepped out of the lunar module it was stated "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind " they also posted a U.S. flag and was messing around a little to make it entertaining for the tax payers toning in back on Earth. The first time that the feed cut-out (after the landing) one of the astronauts made the following statement "Hey Houston, we're not alone up hear" and that's when the feed cut out. He told me that it wasn't until 10min or longer that the transmission came back on, and they played it off (like it was there imagination). My grandpa tried to listen to this again, but he told me all video and audio copies released to the public had been edited!..... What did they mean by that statement, and why was it removed ?

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