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Mainstream superheros were hard to publish because no company would take the chance. Plus, when it comes to racebending, hollywood has been doing it for decades. White actors would play a black, hispanic,arab,asian,indian etc by painting their faces. That is more insulting than racebending a superhero. Another example, Nicholas Cage in the World Trade Center played the part of a black man! In the Hunger games novel, Katniss is actually mixed race but is played by Jennifer Lawrence. That is just as bad. However, there has been no racebending at all from white heros. Miles Morales took over from Parker when he died. Parker was not racebended. Steve Rogers was getting old to be Captain America so Sam Wilson took over. Rogers was not racebended. Hypothetically if Wayne died (again) and Fox took over. Again no racebending. Did you moan when Bucky was Captain America? Or Dick Grayson as Batman?

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