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Time travel has been an interest to me. Maybe it's because I love historical facts or because I wonder if time travel can possibly happen.

There are some photos that have been taken and accounts by some that "prove" Time Travel could of already happen.

1. The Time Travelling Hipster

This picture was taken in 1941. Notice the man in the shades and the "Hipster" clothing. Researchers are debating as to his clothing. His T-Shirt and Hoody are not even in fashion back in 1941.

2. Rudolph Fentz

The story of Rudolph Fentz is certainly pretty strange – he was run over in Time Square in New York, with pockets full of 19th Century money and documents.

Touted as a ‘proof’ that time travel exists, it’s all pretty convincing, until you learn it’s completely made up. Some Fentz believers say that Fentz had no way of getting legitimate documents unless he did something extraordinary.

3. The Swiss watch found in a Ancient China tomb.

Archaeological diggers found this watch in Si Qing China. It was dated back as at least 400 years old. Some believe it as a clever hoax. Others believe the watch is authentic.

4. Woman on a mobile phone.

Yes this woman appears to be holding a mobile phone on set of a Charlie Chaplin movie. This picture is still unexplained.

Another woman (at the back) appears to be holding a mobile phone.

5. The carved Astronaut.

This carved statue is from Salamanca Cathedral. It was started in the 1600s and finished in the 1800s. The carving looks like an astronaut. If not, what else could it be?

Surely time travel is far fetched? It's just a fantasy? But who are we to say that It can not be done?

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