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Let me start by saying I am a fan of Arrow, as well as the CW DC universe. Is every episode perfect? Not at all, none the less a very enjoyable well written show.(Most of the time at least.) After I watched the most recent episode of Arrow I could not get past a question that kept running through my head about midway through the episode. The recruits on Arrow consist of a new group of crime fighters joining Oliver Queen and his quest to save his city. Most notably on this team is Curtis Holt, better known to comic book fans as Mr. Terrific. Here lies my issue and numerous questions about his crime fighting.

When he is Curtis Holt tech genius and nerd, he has an afro. Cool I dig that. However when he suits up to Mr. Terrific his hair is braided. Now I am not sure if anyone in the writers room has ever braided hair or had their hair braided but regardless adding this hairstyle to his suiting up process would take way too long. I can see it in my head the scenes you don't see on TV, Felicity says, "Break in at Star City Bank, suspect is armed." Then quickly Holt replies, "I'll be there in 30-45 minutes I just need to finish getting my hair done" Clearly there is no way a hero would take the extra time it takes to braid their hair in corn rows before trying to stop crime in any sort of timely fashion. Question 1.) Why Braid it at all? There is no benefit based on the time consuming factor alone. Does the team go ahead and he meets up with them just in time to watch the perp get arraigned in court? Because that's basically how long it takes to braid hair.

Question 2.) Who is braiding his hair? The only way the time factor is a non issue if Barry Allen is on speed dial and races over to Holt's head to make sure he has his best Allen Iverson hair do. Even then Where did Barry Allen learn to braid hair? I digress because that is clearly not the case, but no one on the team has super powers except for the weird rag dude. This means the only possibly braiding his hair are Felicity, Ollie, Sharp, Wild Dog, or Rag Man? My best theory is its a team effort Sharp takes the left side and Wild Dog takes the right assuming each can braid half a head in 10 minutes. (Which would be record time) This would only add ten minutes to the suiting up process. The timeline is already unrealistic enough with Ollie getting everywhere by motorcycle in seconds, it doesn't need to add to it by having a hero needing to make a hair appointment every time they suit up.

This may seem trivial but it is a legitimate concern. One cannot just gain corn rows instantaneously. Getting dressed probably takes about a minute to a minute and a half if you have the outfit already picked out. The world record for braiding hair is 15 minutes. That means the person who is FASTEST at this craft can only do it 15 minutes. I understand we need to give a little leeway with television but this issue I am not sure I can let go so easily. May be I am the only one who sees this inconsistency as an issue. May be the Arrow writers just didn't know how long it takes. Even then it is not hard to figure out.

Does the hair thing bother you?


Does the hair thing Bother you?

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