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Macabre- Disturbing, dark work, such as blood, guts gore ect.

Comedic- Tries to be finny whilst "scary" or dark. Such as Scary Movie

Remake- Has been remade to a later date- Carrie 1976 is the original to 2013 Carrie

Anthology- A bunch of horror stories that are not longer enough to make a actual film. AKA Darknet.

Classic Horror- one from the golden years such as Frankenstein.

Twilight- Movie Within a movie.

Erotica- Sexural, not porn per sae.

B Movie- Low budget

3D Film- A three dimentional, you need glasses to watch. aka Piranha 3DD

Banned- such as refusing to show it in a particular country or cinema aka orphan killer in banned in Germany.

Spin off- Annabelle was a spin off of The Conjuring.

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