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If everyone thinks they know something, I'll try to see it in a whole different way.

Once upon a time, we told young girls they had to wait for Prince Charming to come. Never upon a time he did. How was I supposed to live my happy ending when my story was nothing like the one I believed in?

Cinderella was nice, Snow White was modest, Sleeping Beauty was patient and The Little Mermaid was… dump enough to change who she is to please a man. I was all of these things. Everything I thought Prince Charming would want. According to the Brothers Grimm, I did everything it takes to seduce a man. Who could be better teachers than those two men from the 19th century?

Just like these princesses, being single was the worst thing that could happen in my life. I’ve never seen any woman happy without a man, so how was I supposed to be? I wanted a man to save me, and I make sure he did. I made sure he knew I was a victim. After all, Cinderella was treated as a slave by her step-mother, Snow White was almost killed by hers, Sleeping Beauty was in the coma, and The Little Mermaid was handicapped. What a great opportunity to fall in love with a random guy who takes advantage of you. I needed some drama to be pitiful too. Unfortunately, my parents were still alive and no one attempted to kill me, so I just complained about my loneliness. I never met a witch but I joked that I was probably cursed because I was still single. What a sexy thing to do.

Prince Charming did come, but turned out to be the Big Bag Wolf. He saw that I was weak and used me to make me depressed and psychotic. Now that I finally reached my goal of being pitiful and in a relationship, I realized this is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. At that time, I would’ve seen myself crying on the floor and I would’ve let her die here. Being single isn’t a bad thing, being with someone doesn’t have to be either. The problem is the way we think we should live it. As celibate is portrayed as the loneliest experience around the world, every little girl will always be vulnerable.

No one was going to save me because no one wants a burden. No one was going to love me because I couldn’t even love myself. The Prince Charming pushed me off cloud nine, the Witch cursed me with mental illness and I decided to become my own Fairy Godmother. One of the voices in my head was a little girl screaming, and, as a woman, I decided to become her hero. I didn’t beg for pity, I taught people to understand my illness. I didn’t act as a burden, I presented myself who works hard to be happy. I didn’t wait for help, I ordered it from health professionals.

I’ve loved, I’ve lost, but I’ve never been alone anymore. I love myself more than I’ll ever love anyone else because this is the only thing I can control. And if I ever have a crush on a Prince or a Princess, I’ll make the first step before they can make me cry. And I’ll stay as long as making them happy is what makes me happy too.

Don’t give a little girl a fairytale book. Don’t give it to a little boy either. Tell them about what you lived and everything they can become. Give them a blank diary and let these heroes fill it with their own love story.

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