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Fans of Behold! Micheal Fassbender () & best bud and acting partner James McAvoy () just set fire to your deepest fantasies by bringing fan art to life, courtesy of Britain's very own Graham Norton. In an appearance to promote , Fassbender joined by Marion Cotillard appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside McAvoy who was promoting the M. Night Shyamalan thriller . The episode is set to air on BBC One on New Year’s Eve, but just recently a new clip was released of Fassbender and McAvoy creating live-action fan art. Norton seized on the opportunity and asked the audience if they had any fantasies about the two, whilst showcasing some fan art that was circulating the kinkiest parts of the internet. Magneto-Professor X shippers, Christmas has come!

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Fan-Art Fantasies

To those of you who don't know Fassbender-McAvoy's budding bromance has been very passionately embraced by legions of X-Men fans who in turn have made this platonic friendship into something more. Norton managed to recount some of the most memorable fan-fantasies (such as Fassbender and McAvoy picking fleas off of each other and Fassbender winking whilst leading James to bathroom cubicle) before creating one in real life to keep the shippers forever satisfied.

Using a green screen to transport the lovebirds to Paris, Graham Norton made the situation as blissful as possible for the pair, wrapping them in scarves and blowing bubbles to create a scenic background, all on live . Here's a picture of the happy couple before and during their short trip.

Prepping For Paris (Credit: BBC ONE)
Prepping For Paris (Credit: BBC ONE)
A Bicycle For Two (Credit: BBC ONE)
A Bicycle For Two (Credit: BBC ONE)

Check Out the Hilarious Clip Below:

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