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If you were waiting to see what the critics would think of the new film before going to the cinema, then don't wait or read this any more. Walk, run, fly to the nearest theater because guess what? Blade Runner 2049 is just as amazing as you wanted it to be.

The sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 classic is already being hailed as a "masterpiece." Blade Runner 2049 revolves around Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a new blade runner for the LA Police Department, who discovers a secret that leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former blade runner who's been missing for 30 years.

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Denis Villeneuve's take on the scifi classic releases this week, and if you still want confirmation about how good the film is before you go and buy that ticket, here's a quick round up of what the critics are saying.

Rolling Stone: "Mesmerizing mind-bender, a visual feast."

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone loved the film, giving it a 3.5 out of 4. He complimented both Gosling and Ford's acting in the movie, calling them "double dynamite" and enjoyed how the story was both tragic and hopeful. In his review he stated:

'Blade Runner 2049', on its own march to screen legend, delivers answers — and just as many new questions meant to tantalize, provoke and keep us up nights. Would you have it any other way?

'Blade Runner 2049' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Blade Runner 2049' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Variety: "Rare sci-fi sequel that takes its time to go deep."

Writing for Variety, Peter Debruge appreciated that you didn't have to see the first film to thoroughly enjoy the second. He loved the "unconventional thrills" of the movie and wrote:

Make no mistake: Whereas the original 'Blade Runner' was (eventually) embraced for its unrealized potential, its sequel ranks as one of the great science-fiction films of all time.

Entertainment Weekly: "A ravishing visual feast."

Entertainment Weekly's Leah Greenblatt gave the film an A- stating:

Even when its emotions risk running as cool as its palette, '2049' reaches for, and finds, something remarkable: the elevation of mainstream moviemaking to high art.

Empire: "So sensually impressive, it’s hard not to gush."

Dan Jolin gave the film a 5/5 star rating and compared it to Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. Strongly advising viewers to see the film in IMAX, the Empire critic summed up:

As bold as the original 'Blade Runner' and even more beautiful (especially if you see it in IMAX). Visually immaculate, swirling with themes as heart-rending as they are mind-twisting, 2049 is, without doubt, a good year. And one of 2017’s best.

The Telegraph: "One of the most spectacular, provocative, and profound blockbusters of our time."

The Telegraph's film critic Robbie Collin loved the film too, giving it a five-star rating. Collin compared it to Mad Max: Fury Road, writing:

That 'Blade Runner 2049' is a more than worthy sequel to Scott’s first film means it crosses the highest bar anyone could have reasonably set for it, and it distinguishes Villeneuve — who’s masterminded all of this, somehow, since making 'Arrival' — as the most exciting filmmaker working at his level today.

'Blade Runner 2049' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Blade Runner 2049' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The Verge: "The depth of the world-building doesn’t extend to the story."

The Verge's Bryan Bishop was less positive about the film (although he, like every other critic, highly praised Roger Deakins 'Oscar-worthy' cinematography). Although he felt that Blade Runner 2049 lacked depth and "connective tissue," Bryan did however end up saying this about the movie:

['Blade Runner 2049'] helps us recall a time when even epic films could be challenging, and forces us to think a little deeper than what we’ve grown used to. I’d rather watch a movie that tries to do that and comes up short than one that never tries at all.

The Hollywood Reporter: "Stylish but overlong."

Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy wasn't blown away by the new film finding it too long and often muddled. Still, the critic wrote:

"The good news is that director Denis Villeneuve achieves something very close to the same narcotic effect in Blade Runner 2049 with a voluptuous mood bath that's impressively sustained from beginning to end."

The Guardian: "A visually staggering film."

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film a five-star review. In his positive review for Blade Runner 2049, he stated:

The 2017 follow-up simply couldn’t be any more of a triumph: a stunning enlargement and improvement.

WIRED: "A thrilling anomaly."

Over at WIRED, critic Brian Raftery loved the film's unexpected warmth. He penned:

'Blade Runner 2049' is so mesmeric, so thoroughly transportive, that the real world waiting outside of the theater will strike you as bit of a let-down. It's the sort of big-budget, big-idea sci-fi film that seems all but impossible these days.

USA Today: "Outclasses the influential original."

USA Today's Brian Truitt liked the film and noted that every aspect of the Denis Villeneuve directed movie worked splendidly:

"The new Blade Runner amazes because every aspect is top notch: Hampton Fancher’s story is surprisingly emotional, Benjamin Wallfisch and Han Zimmer’s pounding soundtrack is just as integral as Vangelis’ ethereal original score, and cinematographer Roger Deakins will get his first Oscar if there’s any justice. The sequel takes the futuristic action out of L.A., into the literal dump that is San Diego and Las Vegas’ radioactive wasteland, and the stunning visuals add to the enjoyably visceral experience."

Esquire: "Triumphant."

Matt Miller of Esquire loved the sequel too, and wrote:

'Blade Runner 2049' is the movie Scott wanted and audiences have deserved for more than two decades. If the original is any sort of case study, it’s too early to call 'Blade Runner 2049' a classic. But after 'Arrival' and now '2049', it’s safe to consider Villeneuve a modern visionary of sci-fi filmmaking.

IO9: "Gorgeous, Long, Brilliant."

IO9's Katharine Trendacosta was not as enchanted by the film as other critics, in her review she stated:

"Blade Runner 2049 is gorgeous and thought-provoking, basically everything a fan could want. It’s also overly-long, overstuffed, and slightly too proud of its own cleverness. For fans, it’s definitely worth seeing. For everyone else: Just be prepared to puzzle over it for days after."


IGN's Scott Collura was a fan, giving the film a solid 9.7 out of 10. In his review for the film, Collura stated:

"Not only is 2049 an amazing movie on its own merits, but it’s also faithful to its predecessor even while it finds ways to transcend it at times. It’s that rare breed of film that already feels like an instant classic."

So there you have it folks! Yes, Blade Runner 2049 is as brilliant as it looked. It seems that the critics are in love with everything about it, from the cast and direction to cinematography and storytelling. And as critics have stated with films like Blade Runner 2049, the future is certainly very exciting.

Check out Blade Runner 2049 in theaters tonight and don’t forget to share your reactions with us on the Stardust app!

Are you excited to see Blade Runner 2049?

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