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If you've been following wrestler Shane "Hurricane" Helms for some time, you'll know that he is a big comic book fan. His Ring name "The Hurricane" alludes to his fondness of the Green Lantern comics and he even has a tattoo on his biceps which is the Lantern's logo. And since the WWE Star is such a big comic book fan, he naturally sought out the two recent superhero movies currently in the box office, Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok and DC's Justice League. In a recent Twitter rant he revealed why he thought the critically and commercially unsuccessful Warner Bros. DC film, was the clear winner.

A Hurricane On Twitter

The WWE star though that Justice League was a superior to Thor: Ragnarok as the Marvel movie was far too frivolous.

He even argued with a fan about why he felt that the movie veered too far into comedy territory, and that the film some times came across as an imitation of

Fellow WWE and Arrow guest star Cody Rhodes also weighed in on why wasn't as bad as it was made out to be.

Thor: Ragnarok is one of the highest rated Marvel films to date and its comedic approach certainly seems to have resonated well with audiences. And as awesome as Justice League was, the Marvel film was perhaps the more masterfully directed of the two. Of course, whatever film you ended up liking more depends on your tastes, and in this writer's humble opinion both are blockbusting beasts to be reckoned with.

What do you think? Was Justice League better than Thor: Ragnarok? Sound off below.

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