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One of Tales of Xillia 2’s major themes is family. Elle and Ludger are so cute together it makes your teeth tingle. Ludger and Julius have an unbreakable brotherly bond. Yet, Lara is only shown for less than a minute in one of the two endings.

For a game so focused on family, it seems strange that Elle’s mother is such a flat character. In contrast, Fractured Milla could have served as a stronger alternative. True, this would have changed the course of the plot, but when it comes down to character depth and plausibility, Milla would have made more sense.

On one hand, Milla and Elle resemble each other. Milla’s hair is only a little bit lighter than Elle’s and they are both tsundere. Ludger is definitely not a tsundere (though, you could label him as a dandere), and though we know almost nothing about Lara, her tiny scene shows no indication of her being tsundere either. Now, I’m not saying that a tsundere personality is hereditary. I’m just saying that it is not a stretch to think a little girl might mimic some habits from her mother. Therefore, Elle being bashful yet boastful could have been a trait she picked up from Fractured Milla.

On the other hand, Milla just makes more sense. Not only would she make the role of Elle’s mother stronger, she already has a relationship with each of them. Just as Ludger cares about Elle’s well-being from the beginning, Elle is drawn to Milla immediately. This could have easily been due to a family bond. Out of all the characters, I would argue that she actually gets along best with Fractured Milla. Though she grows extremely close to Ludger, it takes time. When it comes to Milla, however, Elle is intrigued from the beginning. She wants to eat her soup, and she wants to see her happy.

There is also chemistry between Ludger and Milla. Not only does Milla blush during their conversations, but there is the prominent scene when Ludger accidentally gropes her breasts when catching her. Why did Bandai Namco feel the need to add this scene if that was the extent of their relationship? To act as a red herring, perhaps? (After that scene, both my sister and I were entirely convinced they would both be Elle’s parents).

But most importantly, we actually know Milla. We know her personality and how she interacts with Elle and Ludger. She is a rounded character with strengths and flaws. Lara, on the other hand, is as much a complete stranger to us as to Ludger. All we know about the prime dimension Lara is that she is Elle’s mother, she is an Elympton, and that she is the chairwoman of the Rugen Consortium.


Did you think Fractured Milla would turn out to be Elle's mother?

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