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I secretly live on the yellow brick road.

I've been waiting to post something worthwhile, and believe me, this is. You see, Tumblr is the virtual home for anything cute, hipster, fan-art-y, and I'm sure I found something which is TOTALLY wicked cool! Ever heard of the show 'Teen Wolf'? MTV's iconic supernatural success? If you haven't, I'll break it down for you. Let's just say that a young boy's life completely turns tables from the night he got bitten. I mean, it would be rather interesting to see a supernatural show merge with a superhero classic.

Imagine, if the Teen Wolf squad, transforming into one of our fave superhero teams, the AVENGERS!(Oh, and some other iconic heroes, like Wolverine and Namor). I'd be totally psyched if this ever happened as some-sort of crazy once-in-a-lifetime-one-in-a-million crossover!

(Disclaimer: I do NOT own these nor did I make these. All rights goes to the original owner/maker of the following fan-arts.)

Scott McCall as Captain America

Peter Hale as Loki

Isaac Lahey as Namor

Derek Hale as The Hulk

Vernon Boyd as Wolverine

Stiles Stilinski as Spider-Man

Allison Argent as Hawkeye

Erica Reyes as Thor

Lydia Martin as Black Widow

Danny Mahealani as War Machine

Alan Deaton as Agent Coulson

Pretty sweet, right?


Which 'Teen Wolf Avenger' was your fave?

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