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I secretly live on the yellow brick road.

Let's be real here. There's no doubt that the DC Universe is home to some of the greatest fan-arts to surface the internet. Some of the most imaginative and creative pieces of art I've seen online, don't you think? Well, a graphic designer named Moin Nazim, based in Karachi in Pakistan (Via Facebook: mointhedesigner), has merged out favorite superheroes into iconic TV show characters and it's none other than the characters from 'The Powerpuff Girls', the show that was part of most of our childhoods! Check the amazing works of art below! They are honestly AMAZING.

Buttercup as 'Green Arrow'

Blossom as 'The Flash'

Bubbles as 'Supergirl'

Professor Utonium as 'Batman'

Sedusa as 'Harley Quinn'

The Mayor as 'Lex Luthor'

Ace as 'The Riddler'

Him as 'The Joker'

Fuzzy Lumkins as 'Bane'

Mojo Jojo as 'Two Face'


Which fan-art character was your favourite?

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