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You've probably heard of the show 'The Walking Dead'. You may have also heard of 'Riverdale', 'Wynonna Earp' or 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. All very different genres, but share one thing in common. All these shows were developed from their comic books that were turned into some of the most popular shows on TV.

Most of us love comic books, whether it was Marvel Comics or TinTin Comics. It seems like producers and directors want to birth a new breath of fresh air to those comics, and turn them into TV shows. It seems this comic-book theme is fitting and trending with people. So, let's keep the trend going! Below will be listed just a few of those comic books that we loved so much, and that should be given a chance on TV.

1. Winx Club Comics

"We are the Winx!"

Credit: winxlove2 on Fanpop
Credit: winxlove2 on Fanpop

Yes, Winx Club wasn't just a popular kid's fairy show. It had comics too, some of which differ to the animated series. Now you may be thinking why I chose such a comic, but think about it. Shows such as Riverdale are based off comics children read in the 80's, so there's no reason why a children comic series like Winx Club can't be booted into a TV show. It would of course be moderated a little to avoid any cliche and be suitable for TV, something that can be watched by any age audience. Winx Club is a classic comic series with a story everyone loves to read!

Winx Club have a huge fan-base, and was probably one of the most popular kids show during the 2000's. This series can easily be turned into a watch-able family show that everyone in the house would love. If it were to become a TV show, it would be a great one to watch with the family. Some fans would prefer it as a movie, but a TV show can deliver just as well. With the comics having invigorating story arcs, having access to a fantastic diversity of actors and the stunning CGI available, this could truly become something magical. See what I did there? ;)

2. W.I.T.C.H Comics

"Guardians, UNITE!"

Another child favourite. Funnily enough, lots of kids assumed it was the same as Winx Club, but it's actually not, the concepts are quite different considering these five characters aren't fairies, but guardians of a dimensional veil, that keeps evil out of the holiest place within the multi-verse that's been created in this Italian comic book series. Pretty cool, right? This comic series did get it's own animated show, which was supposed to get a third season but was discontinued after the second, possibly due to a lack of views.

The story arcs in the W.I.T.C.H comics are juicy, rich in individuality and really stand out from any other typical fairy-save-the-world comics (they aren't fairies, but you get the gist.). It could break-out a new genre in TV, I mean, I'm pretty sure there isn't any TV show like this currently airing. Tumblr seem to be fascinated by the idea of a live action W.I.T.C.H show, and so am I. It's a remarkable comic book series, with so many diverse characters (something which TV seems to lack) and lots of important stories to tell.

3. Powers Comics - Deena Pilgrim

"She's not gonna tell us shit. I'm done here."

Of course, had to include a superhero-related one in here. Deena Pilgrim was actually owned originally by Image Comics, until Marvel bought the rights to her. Nonetheless, her story revolves around the rookie cop, Deena, who worked alongside an immortal hero, Christian Walker. Her story triggers after her boyfriend mysteriously gets electrocuted, and Deena gets lured into the world of crime and homicide, with superheroes and villains. She actually starred in the TV show 'Powers', but it got cancelled after its 2nd season, so coming out with her own show would be a great comeback for her to TV.

Powers is supposedly one of the coolest comics out there , its' concept does seem groovy and something that could be tied together in a TV show. Tying in the world of crime with the world of super heroes and villains is quite a vibrant idea. If it were to become a show it could be alternated in a way to include more diversity and more rep for different communities, which is one thing 'Powers' did right, by making her black. Deena Pilgrim is one of those characters that can be played around with freely to create something truly remarkable.

4. Image Comics - Spawn

"You sent me to Hell, Jason! I'm here to return the favour!"

Here, we're leaning on the darker side a bit. Spawn, one of the most underrated comic book anti heroes to exist. He was created by Todd McFarlane, who originally worked for Marvel, but left along with his character to create Image Comics, so he retained the rights to his character. Spawn is an anti-hero who was initially a CIA agent. He was murdered, but made a deal with the devil and returned to Earth as an immortal. He started as a vigilante but has grown seriously dark over-time, creating himself into more of an anti-hero.

Fan films have been made for him, and he supposedly had his own movie in 1997. What he did have was his own animated series. Some people disagree and think that Spawn should just stay as an animated series. In my opinion however, Spawn has become increasingly popular over-time, and with the animated HBO series being a super-hit, developing it into something of live action would not only make lots of fans hyped but would do the character and McFarlane justice by giving Spawn the exposure he needs to reach out to more fans. Characters like Spawn deserve to expand and develop further than just animation.

Do you agree with the list, would you add someone else? Let me know in the comments!


From the list above, who should get their own TV show first?

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