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Journalist, scholar. Interested in phenomenas that can’t explain the majority of people

"This book shows my view to the South-African criminal tradition. This system was brought by the Danes. So the roots of this tradition are Normans. I have researched the Norman system, that's why I am a specialist in this field. I can confidently say that South-African criminal tradition is one of the most complex criminal traditions in the world. It is really hard to understand the way of thinking of the black man. But I don't set myself a such task. No one except me didn't explore this tradition by using fundamental scientific approach. I don't have a purpose to teach you how to kill people in Cape Town. I just want to show you and explain the logic of this criminal tradition. That's why my second book in series about South-African criminal tradition is called "Black Logic".

Author of the book: an applied scientist, lawyer Oleg Maltsev. Follow the progress of creation the book "Black Logic" you can here in my blog or on the official page:

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