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Journalist, scholar. Interested in phenomenas that can’t explain the majority of people

The first of a series of one-day seminars in 2017 for instructors of «Pikaya» system will be held on January, 6 in Odessa, Ukraine.

Working with logic models, tactic and technical elements of the South African criminal tradition. Seminar is conducted by the scientist, author of the book "Black Logic" - Oleg Maltsev.

I don't have a purpose to teach you how to kill people in Cape Town. I just want to show you and explain the logic of this criminal tradition.

This system was brought by the Danes. So the roots of this tradition are Normans. I have researched the Norman system, that's why I am a specialist in this field. I can confidently say that South-African criminal tradition is one of the most complex criminal traditions in the world.

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