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Journalist, scholar. Interested in phenomenas that can’t explain the majority of people

This book shows my view to the South-African criminal tradition. I don't have a purpose to teach you how to kill people in Cape Town. I just want to show you and explain the logic of this criminal tradition. That's why my second book in series about South-African criminal tradition is called "Black Logic". Author of the book - an applied scientist, lawyer Oleg Maltsev

Of course one of the key goals of this book is prevention of knife crimes. That's why the book "Black Logic" is extremely important for professionals and fighters who understand that any second he can face with real violence on the street.
 This book and practical sessions will show how criminals with knowledge of South-African criminal tradition will attack you with a knife and try to kill you..

Episode #1. Knife grip in South-African criminal tradition + Exercise "Clocks"

Episode #3. Three types of strikes in "Pikaya" system

Follow the progress of creation the book "Black Logic" you can here in my blog or on the official page:

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