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I'm a big marvel fan and love comic books and everything surrounding them. I will post about comic books, the MCU and TV shows. Enjoy:)

At the end of the Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D winter finally we saw Eda looking after May in a LMD closet. Straight after we see a touching moment betw Phil Coulson and what appears to be Mays LMD.

A promo for the next episode, episode 9, sees Dr. Radcliffe and Agent Fitz attempt to bring Eda in for 'upgrades'. Radcliffe proceeds to power Eda down but it doesn't have work the promo goes out on Eda stating that she made her own upgrades.

I don't believe that Eda is going full Ultron and is plotting to kill, what may have happened is what she has seen in the Darkhold. She may have created the brain we saw her conjuring but whether she has implanted it remains to be seen as well as what it can do.

I think that the Idea of hell in the ghost rider arc is the dark dimension and may involve mafisto as Marvel do own the TV rights.

Thanks for reading and I will post more of this once news comes out.

Next will be Arrow and Flash promo things and they will be together in one post again thanks.

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