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I'm a big marvel fan and love comic books and everything surrounding them. I will post about comic books, the MCU and TV shows. Enjoy:)

After opening with the flashpoint storyline the Flash TV show has been its usual self, filled with anguish, self-blame and Barry withholding secrets from the rest of the team.

From promos we can tell that Barry and Wally seem to be working together,but like Jessie Quick, Wally is struggling to follow the orders of the Flash. We also find HR getting everyone ready to open S.T.A.R. labs to the public as a museum, from the exchange between the group Cisco still hasn't grown fond of the 'new Wells'.

In another promo clip we see Barry tell Iris what he saw in the future and stating that they will "fight this together". We see Cisco trying to vibe Barry into the future suggesting Barry has sort of learned a half lesson from Jay Garrick and flashpoint, in that time fixes anything changed in the past with something equally as bad or even worse than the event that originally occurred. Barry does not know that there may be the same affect in changing the future.

Finally I believe that the future situation may be a self fulfilling prophecy in which the steps they take to try and save Iris is what ends up putting them in the situation.

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I will post Arrow mid season premiere soon.

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