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With a New Year comes new games to try out and Pocket Kingdom is definitely one to try out. The game is about an Adventurer named Tim Tom who is tasked with finding an ancient flooding island and taking pictures of the island for a well-known newspaper. Unfortunately for Tim, the island appears out of nowhere and his Zeppelin crash lands on the island. Now his top priority is to find away off the island.

The inhabitants tell you the basic rules of what they have learned to call, "Pocket Kingdom." Doors and ladders are the only means of traversing from area to area, as physics is warped and walking left might just leave you all the way on the right. And the God that lives on the Island is a trickster. So that explains the physics warping and all the puzzles you encounter.

The game is an utterly gorgeous little pixel game with a sublime and fitting soundtrack. It is played from a classic side-view and the basic goal is to explore, find useful gear, and get off the island. One one thing that I really love about the game is that it doesn't hold your hand. By that I mean that the game wants you to fail in order to succeed. This is very apparent when exploring the island as you encounter numerous puzzles that are thought provoking as well as build upon the basic puzzle mechanics you encounter. The only way the game helps you is through the 'Hints' page in the menu.

The 'Hints' page gives you a brief description on an object about what it is and how it could affect gameplay. In addition, the game also provides a map to the island. You maybe asking "If this game is about exploring, than why have a map?" That is a valid point but the map is actually not a problem. It shows you how you can get to the areas but it doesn't tell you if the way to get there is through an empty room or a room with a puzzle. If you were to click on one of the areas there would be a picture to the left that shows you what the area looks like only if you have been there before. If not than is just shows you a picture with static.

Pocket Kingdom is a satisfying game in all regards. It's a beautiful pixel game with great puzzles, gameplay, and a story. I know I didn't talk about the story but I told want to spoil anything. This is definitely a game to play when you're burnt out on the Triple A games or just love indie games. Plus it's only $6.99 and you definitely get your money's worth on this with all the entertainment you'll be getting.

Pocket Kingdom is a 5/5 in my book and as a hint, Room 74 is damn near impossible to find.

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