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CryptTV has done it again. Just last night they streamed the first ever live feature length horror film on their Facebook page. The film is called STREAM and is about a few fans who entered a contest to "takeover" the CryptTV Facebook page. They're all huge horror fans, however,they're not aware that they're being put into their worst nightmare. When I first heard about STREAM I was stoked. I had no idea what to expect, because I hadn't seen a live horror film before. It was quite the experience, and I'm so glad I got to witness it live.

The amazing part about the live streaming of the film is that some people actually thought the film was real. The people who weren't aware of the stream before, were almost concerned for the characters in the film. I also like that a lot of people were trying to give suggestions on what to do, and trying to help. To see fans or just an audience in general get so involved with the live film was phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was entertained. I also know a lot of other horror fans really loved the film.

There was a lot of killing on screen for it to be a live horror film. I was very impressed. While obviously no one was actually dying, it still was done extremely well. The one thing I saw a lot of people commenting on was the lack of gore. Horror fans love their blood, and they can never get enough. The characters in STREAM were very interesting. I at first didn't know what was going on. Each character seemed like they had a part in what was playing out on screen. I didn't know who to trust, or what someone would do next. The twist at the end just goes to show that I was right all along. The killer, the clown was a really fun character. His laugh alone was chilling. He had no real motive which also made him creepy. He was just torturing the kids just for the fun of it all. The clown's mask as well was awesome.

The camera angles and shots were something else. In my opinion it was shot incredibly well. The fact that they only had one take to do this entire film, no editing, no retouching, no nothing is crazy. It was shot so that you could see what was going on without seeing too much. The natural lag of the film in the beginning, gave a nice live stream tone to the film as well. The use of black lighting was great. I personally think black light is not used enough anymore, so to see it in STREAM was refreshing. It gave off the eerie tone, and creepiness in the film.

STREAM all in all, was a great experience. I think CryptTV really killed it this time. Using the platform of Facebook live and streaming an entire feature horror film is very cool and innovative. I know a lot of people watching were enjoying themselves. I can definitely see this type of film release happening again. I loved it, and think you should check it out on CryptTV's Facebook page now! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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