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The Void was released theatrically in April of this year. The horror/sci-fi genre film is written and directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie. I unfortunately did not get to see this gem until this month. I heard about it from a fellow horror sister, Bonnie Smith. She posted on Instagram about it. I immediately went to Netflix and turned it on. Now, I am very excited about this film because I am sort of a gorehound. The more the merrier, the bloodier the better is literally a motto of mine. So with the amount of blood on the screen, I was definitely a happy person. Like always, I will not spoil the ending or any major details about the film. I just have a lot to say and would love to share.

The movie opens with a bang. It starts off with a killing, and you know when watching it, that it has meaning. You can hint that the exact scene will be brought up or explained later on in the film. They then cut to a cop who finds a man on the side of the road. He takes him to a hospital, and everything gets really intense, crazy, and extreme from there. There are cults, sacrifices, aliens, skin peeling, and more. The chaos was a good and bad thing. For one, it was definitely entertaining. I even watched the film over again. Then, on another hand it was a little all over the place. Of course as the film played out, things started to connect together. I just know that after a few viewings, I still had questions as to why certain things were happening and how. I hope I’m being clear, I loved the film, it just still is something I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

One of my favorite aspects of the film was the tone and the main location, being an old almost abandoned hospital. There was something so eerie and unsettling about the whole tone of the film. Being a horror film buff, it’s rare that I find a film that affects me in that way anymore. Feeling that uneasiness engaged me even more. I was ready for any and everything after getting a feel for the tone. However, I have a friend who was not okay with the tone at all. She felt as if she needed to watch the film in parts. I explained to her that the film was not the most terrifying film to ever be made and that she would be fine. Either way, to be able to establish such a bold and intense feeling just from tone alone is impressive.

To say the film never stops going is such an understatement. The film literally never stops. There is no time for breathers or anything of that sort. I would have to really commend the writing for the flow and timing of the film. There were certain pieces of information that were released at perfect yet specific moments, which was very refreshing. Nothing was expositional or obvious. Nothing was redundant or a waste of a scene. I feel as if the movie as a whole congealed perfectly together.

My only warning would be the end. The ending is something that I must pay attention to every time I watch the film. Now, maybe I’m just overthinking the ending or thinking too deeply into it. However, I’m always curious as to how we got to the ending. The whole situation escalates immensely within the last 20 minutes. I do understand the climax in a film is supposed to be the main event. It’s just not as effective or moving when it doesn’t really tie in with the rest of the film. From the tone, to the theme, it all seems to jump and skip around in the end of the film. Maybe, I’m just not seeing it the right way, but I think the ending is a lot. I can’t reveal what happens in the end because I will not spoil the movie for any of you. Just be prepared and ready for the end. It gets insane which could be a good or bad thing depending on what you like.

Have you seen The Void? What did you think? Was it intense for you? Would you watch it again? Which twist was the biggest reveal for you? Tell me all about it in the comments section down below! Check the The Void out now on Netflix, iTunes, Youtube, Amazon, Google Play, and more.


Will You Be Watching The Void?

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