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If you are going to be doing a tribute to the of course you would start with a Monster Mash.

Alex Ross, a comic book artist notable for his work in the and worlds, has released the first three of an eight print tribute to Universal Monsters. The Monster Mash print brings the feature Monsters into a collage of very scary relief: The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Elsa Lanchester's Bride of Frankenstein, Boris Karloff's male version of the creature from Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi's Dracula, Claude Rains's The Invisible Man, Lon Chaney Jr's Wolfman (Chaney Sr's The Phantom of the Opera didn't make the cut even though he was the first Universal Monster) and finishing with that other Karloff monster, The Mummy.

The other two prints released tribute and . Both are filled with details from the movies that fans would easily remember. Particularly satisfying are the addition of a screaming original The Mummy cast member Edward Van Sloan in his Doctor Muller role and a very lovingly and languidly drawn Evelyn Ankers as Chaney's kidnapped love interest.

I leave you to discover the other Easter Eggs (or to ask your grandparents if you are truly stumped).

The other prints featuring and his Bride, , and will be released at next year's San Diego Comic-Con.

1. The Universal Monster Collection

2. The Mummy

3. The Wolfman

Which of these movie posters do you like the best?

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