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We're just 10 days into 2017, and already, the UFC has been forced to cancel (or "postpone" or "delay" or whatever term you prefer) two events.

After shuffling the venue and date of UFC 208 late last year -- from Anaheim on January 21st to Brooklyn on February 11th -- the promotion announced last night that it would be cancelling an event planned for March 3rd in Las Vegas. The event was set to air on Fight Pass one day prior to UFC 209.

Though the card did not have any fights booked on it, the scrapping of the event marks the sixth time the UFC has pulled such a maneuver since 2012. (The first event that arguably set off this chain reaction? That would be UFC 151, aka the day that Greg Jackson killed MMA.)

Last year, the UFC found itself in unfamiliar territory when it was forced to cancel its first international event ever, UFC Manila, after headliner BJ Penn went down with a rib injury. While the promotion stated its intention to return to the Philippines in the near future, no such plans have yet to be officially announced.

According to, "a new date will be announced for the event at a later date."

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