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We've heard a lot of garbage takes about the life and legacy of in the fallout from her...let's call it "underwhelming" showing at UFC 207 last month -- and one surprisingly poignant one from Cris Cyborg, to be fair.

While it's easier to forgive the absolute nonsense being vomited forth by pundits like, say, Shannon Sharpe or Skip Bayless (or actor Michael Rapaport) -- what with their neophytic understanding of Rousey's "armbar hold or whatever" -- you would expect that actual veterans of the sport would be a little more understanding of Rousey's current mental state and the bigger picture of what she did for women's MMA.

Then again, you are not .

The former UFC light heavyweight champion, current Bellator fighter, and one-time color commentator of legend has apparently joined the ever-growing legion of flip-floppers who think that Rousey's dominant run at the top was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. After cashing in on a huge $50,000 bet at UFC 207, Ortiz spoke with Fight Hub TV and held nothing back when assessing Rousey's time in the promotion.

In keeping with what we've come to expect from Ortiz, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" then immediately contradicted himself by stating his hope that Rousey "wouldn't let the media kick her while she's down." And then, he followed that statement up by saying that he "knew Rousey was going to lose the fight." Incredible.

Ortiz's belief that Rousey was protected her entire career is, of course, objectively wrong. We've already offered a thorough, complete breakdown of just how wrong this is, citing no small number of statistics, logistics, and schematics in order to prove just how wrong this is. But if the past year has taught us anything, it's that some people simply won't be swayed by things like "facts" and "logic."

One of those people? You guessed it: Tito Ortiz.

Now let's all watch Chael Sonnen give Ortiz a little of his own medicine.

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