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In the world of mixed martial arts, every knockout is truly its own, unique, unconsciousness-inducing snowflake. From time to time, however, we are gifted a KO that truly defies the odds, our expectations, or even the common laws of physics. That's what the 'Insane KO of the Day' is all about.

Today's KO: Ann Wolfe vs. Vonda Ward (aka the most vicious knockout in women's boxing history)

It is pretty much a universal fact that Ann Wolfe is not only the hardest hitting woman to ever step foot into the squared circle, but also one of the greatest talents. She's basically the female Mike Tyson, and in her extensive repertoire of skull-shattering knockouts, her one-punch annihilation of Vonda Ward to capture the WIBA World Light Heavyweight & vacant IBA Female Light Heavyweight titles remains her magnum opus (magnum opunch?).

I mean, just look at that thing. If that punch was a Mortal Kombat fatality, it would still be more satisfying than, like, 75% of the stuff from Armageddon. Certainly better than anything Stryker ever did.

F*cking Stryker.

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