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I have always loved Darth Vader ever since the first time I saw Star Wars Episode VI when I was a little boy.When I heard Rogue One was coming out, I was very excited. I loved Rogue One from beginning to end. Then, it came down to the final 2 minutes. That last two minutes of Rogue One illustrate perfectly how terrifying Darth Vader actually is.

First, comes the eerie breathing. You know he's there, even before you get any visual clue. Then a blood-colored blade emerges from the darkness, illuminating a towering silhouette. The face is a mask - literally - no humanity there at all. His intent is clear.

Now, your blaster has served you well so far. It's taken out Stormtroopers and it's kept you alive up to now. You grip it as tightly as you can, even with your palms slick with sweat, and get ready to squeeze the trigger. But in the back of your mind you can remember the stories of the Jedi. If you're old enough you might even be able to remember the Clone Wars. And you remember, with stomach-dropping horror, that lightsabers deflect blaster bolts.

Nevertheless you open fire on command. It's your best chance. Your only chance.

And then the blade starts moving.

It's swift, precise, almost graceful and elegant. One of the bolts ricochets off and hits one of your comrades, who goes down at once. Two more drop as the blade keeps moving and the black tower keeps advancing. The first man in his way is lifted to the ceiling by some invisible hand, and you realise with a sick dread that today, here and now, the Force is not with you.

That poor bastard at the ceiling gets dissected by a backhanded swipe and falls heavily to the floor. The man next to you fires off a blaster bolt that seems to get thrown back at him and it kills him instantly. Your own blaster is wrenched from your grip before you know what is happening, and you reach for it desperately - even as the blade comes swinging down towards your head.

Darth Vader's scary enough when you've got a lightsaber and Force powers. To the poor bloody infantry he's something out of nightmare

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