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Two corrupt cops who are open to bribes, drug abuse and violence hope to intimidate and blackmail every criminal they encounter. But things take a sour turn when they try to intimidate someone more dangerous than themselves.

Alexander Skarsgard (The Legend of Tarzan) and Michael Pena (End of Watch) star as Terry and Bob, two police officers who abuse every single aspect of their job. They drink, do drugs, drive recklessly and pretty much do what they want on and off duty. They plan to do business with a criminal associate and walk away with $1 Million, but things don't go according to plan and they end up in deep with some truly dangerous people.

John Michael McDonagh's (The Guard, Calvary) War on Everyone is a 70's feeling retro cop movie about two of the most despicable police officer's you'd ever have the displeasure of meeting. Terry and Bob are truly awful people but there's something painfully likeable about them. I was constantly entertained by these two characters, mainly because of the performances by Skarsgard and Pena and the chemistry they had with one another.

The film opens with the pair's car careening down the streets in pursuit of a mime, Pena questions "I've always wondered, if you hit a mime, does he make a sound?" to which Terry replies by hitting the mime with his seemingly "indestructible" car. That's pretty much the type of humour throughout War on Everyone. It's facetious, cynical and callous in the best ways possible.

Whilst War on Everyone is a riot of bad behaviour and it's darkly comical, it's not all that coherent. The film really plays as more of a series of sketches strung together to assemble a narrative as oppose to one with a plot at the forefront. This became such an issue with the film that I did have to keep jogging my memory to try and remember the actual plot.

The film's biggest issue is that it never really builds to a satisfying conclusion. And by that I mean, the film never builds our anticipation for the violent climax that is inevitably going to happen. The film's ending is fine but it could have meant so much more had we ever been given the opportunity to get excited for it. The villain here played by Theo James (Divergent Series) is a throwaway character that sorely needed more of a connection to our "protagonists".

War on Everyone is a constantly entertaining and darkly funny buddy cop movie, but there are some definite narrative setbacks that stop this from being something pretty special. I'm giving the movie a 6.5/10.

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