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"Don't think it. Don't say it. Don't think it. Don't say it." These are the words you must remember when faced with the threat of The Bye Bye Man, a demonic presence who'll haunt your every waking hour if you dare speak his name.

Three college students move into an old but spacious house together. After throwing a moving in party, they begin to discover that this house isn't so perfect. After speaking the name of The Bye Bye Man, the students begin to be terrorised and tormented by an evil and malicious presence.

The Bye Bye Man is a familiar and predictable horror film that genuinely has some intriguing elements, but due to a terrible script and even worse performances, this ends up being one of the best unintentional comedies in recent years. Whilst this film truly is a mess from beginning to end, it's undeniably entertaining. I won't be coy about The Bye Bye Man, this is a truly dreadful film, one of the worst I've seen in quite some time. Predictable jump scares, a shoddy script and some terribly dull performances really make The Bye Bye Man a horror film worth missing.

The Bye Bye Man himself played by Doug Jones (Hellboy) is a creepy looking figure thanks to Jones' natural lanky frame, but we never learn anything about the demonic presence or the hellish beast that accompanies him. The Bye Bye Man works to tear you apart from the inside, he focuses in on your paranoia and that was actually one element of the film that impressed me. Seeing these characters gradually lose their minds due to hallucinations playing on their biggest fears and doubts was actually well done, it's just a shame the performances never do a very good job of selling the terror. The characters are completely hollow and never actually seem like real people nor friends.

Director Stacy Title has managed to craft a film that is truly as bad as it's awful title. There isn't much else to say about The Bye Bye Man, there are definitely better films worth seeing this January. Don't think it. Don't say it. Don't see it.

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