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In most cases, the villain of the story is the one that should be feared the most. , , and just to name a few. But what about some of the heroes like , , or ? Well, in this article I'll be giving you 5 reasons why you should think twice before messing with The !


has been stated to be the 8th smartest man in the and there are a few good reasons why. He's designed the wings that the uses, has preparations for mind control, and even has contingency plans for himself!


Vibranium is the strongest metal in the and a very big part of arsenal. They allow him to walk on water, move around without making a single a sound, block bullets/adamantium (the 2nd strongest metal in the ), and run up walls!


There is no question that is one of the most skilled heroes in the entire comic book world. He has learned every fighting style known to man, can see in the dark, smell you from miles away, and has beaten the ALONE!


Not only does posses the indestructible vibranium but, he also possesses some of the best gear anyone could have such as, a flying car, flying bike, a cloaking device, and even a teleportation device! All of which make him harder to defeat or even get close to.

Has Defeated Some Of The Strongest Heroes Ever Created

And last but not least we have the fact that has defeated some of strongest characters in fiction! He's beaten ,

and even !

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