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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'

Hey, gore fans! If you like a good dose of the red stuff with your horror movies then you'll have seen these blood-drenched films - most scenes are over 80% RED!

Can you name the awesomely bloody movie from just one gore-splattered screenshot?

1. You Missed a Spot

The Answer: The Cabin in the Woods


2. Bloodiest Girl You Ever Saw

The Answer: High Tension aka Switchblade Romance


3. ...And I Will Rain on Her

The Answer: Evil Dead


4. Bitsa This, Bitsa That

The Answer: Pieces


5. Face-splosion

The Answer: Tokyo Gore Police


6. The Wellington Lawnmower Massacre

The Answer: Dead Alive aka Braindead


7. Blood Geyser

The Answer: A Nightmare on Elm Street


8. Blood Tide

The Answer: The Shining


9. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

The Answer: The Collection


10. Literal Bloodbath

The Answer: The Descent

Sources: Youtube

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