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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'

Now the new Saw movie has been confirmed, what the hell is gonna happen in Saw 8: Legacy? The title suggests that it will be a proper sequel, not a prequel, and as John Kramer is super dead, we need a killer. We need more Saw! Here's a reminder of how Saw 7 ended...

Writers Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger (Sorority Row, Piranha 3D) will be developing the villain and plot for Saw 8: Legacy, but will they pick someone old or someone new? Check out some loose ends that could be tied up in Saw 8: Legacy and tell us who the killer will be...

Mark Hoffman

Status: Deceased (?)

Actor: Costas Mandylor

He's killed around 18 people and he has his own Facebook Fan Page; Hoffman would certainly be the most popular Big Bad for Saw 8. We never saw Hoffman die, only saw him get shut in the bathroom, so he could legitimately be brought back without disrupting the verisimilitude of the existing storyline. Actor Costas Mandylor was apparently in talks to reprise his role back in 2014, so who knows?

Dr. Lawrence Gordon

Status: Alive

Actor: Cary Elwes

Is there a doctor in the house? Many fans cheered when Gordon hobbled into view in Saw 7, but will his work continue? With his podiatric problem, he may require an accomplice or two to help him (as he used in Saw 7). Would you like to see the return of Dr. Gordon?

Daniel Matthews

Status: Alive

Actor: Erik Knudsen

Daniel was used by Jigsaw for his father, Eric Matthews's test. He helped Jigsaw's apprentice, Amanda, out of the pit of needles and at only 17, his experiences with Jigsaw - and the trauma of losing his father - will have left a big impression on him.

Maybe Daniel will be the one to continue the Saw: Legacy? A cool angle might be if Daniel chooses to 'torture the torturers': he could kidnap Gordon and Hoffman and some other bad people and put them in traps as punishment for their brutal vigilantism. Fight fire with fire!

Ryan & Brad

Her fun and games pushed you both to break the law to fulfill her material needs.

Status: Alive

Actors: Jon Cor & Sebastian Pigott

Ryan (left) and Brad were caught in the love triangle trap, but agreed to dress up in pig masks to help Dr. Gordon catch Hoffman later in the movie. They are both alive and clearly pliable to the will of a stronger character like Gordon, which could be interesting.

Just pray you never get into a love triangle quite this heated...

What do you want to see happen in 'Saw 8: Legacy'?


Who will be the killer in 'Saw 8: Legacy'?

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