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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'

Remember that old schoolyard battle at recess: who would win in a fight between Red Ranger and Green Ranger? Even if you loved them both, it often felt like you had to pick a side. The new movie remembered Green Ranger's fans with a cool cameo from Jason David Frank (Green/White Ranger) and Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger).

The pair make a quick appearance as Angel Grove townsfolk, jaws agape at the magnificent sight of the Megazord. Jason David Frank shared this cool pic of him, Johnson and a shedload of extras on set.

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Here's a blast of nostalgia-tinged Power Rangers action for ya, gang...

What you might not know is that the original Green and Pink Rangers actually filmed another cameo which was removed from the final cut of the Power Rangers movie. Frank revealed to THR:

The first cameo we did was cut. Me and Amy were filming in the Krispy Kreme. I grew a ponytail out for that. I was thinking, 'If I grow the ponytail out, I'll shock the fans when they see me.' We shot a scene there with Rita [Elizabeth Banks], and we were dressed in green and pink."

Um, donuts + original Power Rangers? Please include this on the DVD extras, stat!


So... who would win in a fight between Red and Green Ranger?

(Source: THR)

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