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First dates are always something that are tricky to say the least. You've obviously crossed a threshold with someone you are interested in but the big question that follows is, "What next?" Whether you know the person very little or know them a lot, first dates are still uncharted territory. You are now willing to try and get to know someone on a more intimate level that could potentially flounder or prosper into something beautiful. So to take some pressure off of the first date, here are s tips that will hopefully be helpful.

  • Communicate Beforehand - as with any successful relationship, communication is always key. That means talking with your future date about things such as: what you're planning to do, where you're going, the order in things should go. Basically construct an itinerary. This helps set a tone for how the date should go. It also shows that you are serious about the date. Thoughtfulness and planning shows a level of seriousness and commitment that is appreciated.
  • Grooming - Grooming is something we should all do. Not only is it healthy to take care of yourself but it is something that leaves an impression. A nice haircut, well maintained if not new clothes, a clean mouth, deodorant and anything else you can think of. You wouldn't want to your date to show up with a bad odor and looking like they just woke up. Showing up well groomed shows that you are taking this date seriously.
  • No Phones - In 2017, there really isn't anything that a smart phone cannot do. So it is easy to fall into the pandora's box that our phones offer. But being on a date is you taking up someone's time that they can never get back. If you are constantly on your phone, it shows a complete lack of respect for that person and their time. This is also real life and things such as emergencies happen, so if you cannot turn off your phone at least put it on vibrate. But it's best to stay off of your phones as much as possible.
  • Have An Activity Planned - There's nothing really worse than hanging out with someone with nothing to do. Imagine how that must be on a first date. So the best bet is to have an activity that enables both of you to engage with one another. Bowling, mini golf, arcades are activities that are not distracting and has enough space to fill in with quality getting to know one another time.
  • Be Prepared To Pay - You should never go anywhere especially on a date without money. As mentioned before in communicating before, this is something that should be discussed. Who will pay for what or if it will be something of a mutual thing. Things can also change during the actual date. In that case, always be prepared to pay because you just never know.
  • Be Open Minded - Sometimes we go into things with certain expectations. When it comes to dating, it is not out of the ordinary to have an ideal image of what that person might be. When actually getting to know someone, these expectations will change. So just because that person is not what you expected or wanted in your head, does not mean they are not worth it.
  • Don't Bring Up Ex's - Everyone has a history that includes other people. Our former relationships shape us into the people that we become. But it should never be something that is constantly talked about. Unless the other person asks, you should never talk about your ex. If they do, just keep it short and to the point. The best way to stop a new bond from growing is to keep focusing on one that did not.

These are seven tips by me for a first date. Everyone is different and have their own unique style. This is what has worked for me in the past. So while you may not find all seven to your standards, there may be one or two there that you will take with you. Either way, if you're reading this and about to go on a first date, I wish you the best of luck.

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