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This is a dilemma I have been rattling my brain for sometime now, over the space of several years. Why does Tim Burton as a director not have a Oscar to his name? Or better still why does he not have any form of nomination to his name for best director? I find on the scale of things with Tim Burton it always tilts either one way or the other there is never a constant middle ground with his work. However two films I will talk about I feel were his best shot at getting that illusive Oscar. The first one being Ed Wood (1994) a solid if crazy at times biopic about Ed Wood the film director dubbed 'the worst director ever' a film filled with stand out performances, great directing and great writing which received two Oscar wins, one for Best Actor in a supporting role (Martin Landau) and the second for Best Make Up (Rick Baker, Ve Neill) still no Oscar for Tim Burton not even a nomination. The second one being Big Eyes (2014) a beautiful and quirky biopic about Walter Keane who fraudulently uses his wife Margaret's paintings to win himself fame and fortune while keeping his wife quiet through manipulation. A film with great directing and sublime cinematography mixed with a high caliber of already Oscar winners in Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. And yet the only notable reward was a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an actress which went to Amy Adams, Tim Burton is still without. Two in my eyes glorious shots at an Oscar and still no reward. For a director who single handedly brought stop motion animation back from the dead with such works as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and my favorite Frankenweenie who possibly is one of the most innovative and creative directors currently still around it does put a sour taste in your mouth. However the downfall of Burton's work is his inconsistency and over use of the same actors and actresses. A Alice In Wonderland remake that did not need to be made to a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory remake that also did not need to be made puts a smear on his filmography and is a poor reflection on Tim Burton's ability to craft worlds with quirky lovable characters. The over use of Johnny Depp who in my belief was good up to Ed Wood has stunted any growth or development in Burton's films. So the question I always ask people is Do you believe Tim Burton should have an Oscar? a dilemma I feel I will be rattling my brain about for many years to come. Because at the end of it all it is truly a dilemma that has many talking points.

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