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Well, it's finally here. It was teased at San Diego Comic Con over the summer, but people who didn't go didn't get to see it. But now it's here, the very first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out down below.

Now just by the look of the trailer, we can tell that this movie is going to be as epic as the first one. Much like the first teaser for the first movie, it barely tells us anything about the plot at all. It gives us just enough to wait for more to come.

But let's take what we do know from this trailer and see how we can piece it all together.

Still Going to be Fun

Just by this image alone, we can tell that this movie will not take itself as seriously as Captain America: Civil War or how possibly serious Doctor Strange could be. The first Guardians of the Galaxy did something that the MCU had never done before, which is not just make a movie fun, but make it silly fun. The MCU had just come off of Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Guardians came out, and it was immediately apparent that the mood of this universe just did a complete turn. Hopefully that is exactly what this movie is going to do as well.

More Action in Space

With as great as the first Guardians was, what it lacked in was action in space. There were a few moments like that but the rest of the movie was either on a planet, in a spaceship, or in the sky. But by the looks of it, we are going to see a little more action in space. By the looks of it, Star-Lord is about to go flying, guns ready for shooting. What could support that claim is this next image right here.

So not only does it look like Star-Lord is going to go out guns blazing, but Gamora is going to go out swords blazing! Again, we have absolutely no idea where this is. It looks like it is in space. Or at least, it looks like it's on a platform of some sort in space. Now here is the real question: Could this be where Ego is? It looks like it could be. Ego is the character that Kurt Russel is playing. But nothing, not even an image of him on set, has been released yet. Now in the comics, Ego is literally a planet. But in the movie, it sounds like they are setting him to be Star-Lord's father. Could it be possible that this just so happens to be were Ego resides? Of course, all of this is left up to speculation at this point.

Rocket and Yondu???

Now this is certainly an odd pairing right here. It's unexpected to see both Rocket Raccoon and Yondu Udonta working together. Or at least that is what it looks like. You can never really trust either of these two. Rocket is already a genius smuggler and knows how to do just about anything. Meanwhile, Yondu, while he wasn't the main villain in the last movie, was still a threat to the Guardians. So you already know that you can't trust him already. You can already tell that these two are up to no good whatsoever.

Who Are These Guys?

Now most likely, these are going to be the henchmen of whoever ends up being the main villain of the movie. In the last movie it was the Sakkarans helping Ronan the Accuser. With the Sakkarans though, they all looked the same, like the Chitauri in The Avengers. But these guys all look different. One guy has a beak, the other has this weird looking skin. But it also looks like these guys may just be fodder henchmen, as they are obviously getting blasted off somewhere in a comedic way.

Those Who Dance, and Those Who Don't

This is the part of the trailer where we finally get some dialogue. It also seems that Star-Lord might have had another romantic involvement with Gamora. We saw what looked like the start of a romance in the first Guardians. But it looks like if there was ever a romance in between the two movies, it has failed. And now Drax is trying to console Star-Lord, telling him he just needs to find someone pathetic like him. And then, despite Star-Lord's request not to, Drax goes in for the hug.

Not only is it adorable, but it shows that some chemistry is finally starting to form between the members of the group.

We Are Groot

In the final shot of the trailer, we see someone getting shot by Rocket. But not only that, who just so happens to appear on Rocket's shoulder? That's right, Baby Groot. Last time we saw Baby Groot was him dancing in his pot during the credits of the first Guardians. It looks like he's growing up and is finally out of the pot! Hopefully we can see him grow into his final form and kick some serious butt.

So there you have it, the very first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. From what we see now, this movie looks extremely fun. If it is anything like the first one, then this movie will not only be fun, but extremely successful. There is no doubt that this movie will highly out-gross the first one. Now, there were a few new characters that we didn't see in this trailer like Mantis, Ego, and whoever Sylvester Stallone is playing. But again, this is only the first teaser so we arent meant to see everything. But of what we have seen, it looks super exciting.

So what do you think about the trailer? Are you exited for this movie now? What do you hope to see from this movie? Who do you think Stallone will be playing? Leave these thoughts and more down in the comments down below!


Are You Excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

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