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The WWE has had hundreds of tag teams and factions come through the franchise over the years. Some have died out peacefully, while others have broken apart in controversial ways. And no tag team has broken apart in more of a controversial manner than the Shield.

Comprised of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns, the Shield was one of the most dominant factions to ever be in the WWE. They were a team for a little over two years. And together, the trio was almost unstoppable. They only lost eight times in 6-man tag team action, which for those who don't follow WWE, means that it was 3-on-3 matches. They have also held championship gold within those two years. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins held the WWE Tag Team Championship for 148 days, while Dean Ambrose held the WWE United States Championship for 351 days, and currently holds the record for holding it the longest.

Things were going great for the Shield. It seemed that they would never be hindered. That is, until June 2, 2014. Take a look at what happened.

Now, to give a little bit of background information, the night before, the Shield had just had an intense fight with the team known as Evolution. One of those members, Triple H, just so happens to be one of the people in charge of WWE, also known as the Authority. And Seth Rollins in a moment that nobody saw coming, turned against his brothers and joined the Authority.

Now, that was two years ago, and a lot has changed since then in the WWE. For instance, there is no more Authority figure looking over everyone, there is just a General Manager for both TV shows, Raw and Smackdown. As for Seth Rollins, he actually suffered a career threatening injury in October of last year, and was on the shelf until May this year, when he made his return.

Once a bad guy in WWE, Rollins has turned to more of a good guy lately. Not only that, but the WWE has been hinting and teasing at a possible reunion for a certain team. That team of course is the Shield. Now, at this moment, it is unknown on whether or not the Shield will ever reunite, but here are some reasons, why it should happen.

For the Fans

Let's face it, when it comes to favorite tag teams, it is hard to leave the Shield out of the conversation. Everyone has loved the Shield. And most importantly, everyone has been on board with a Shield reunion. Everyone starts to go crazy whenever Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns are standing side by side once more, even if it is just a coincidence.

WWE fans are rather tricky to persuade whenever it comes to giving us new stories. But what everyone loves is a good redemption story. That was a majority of what Daniel Bryan's story was, and he is one of the most popular superstars to this day. Again, fans have seemed to accept Rollins' transition from bad to good, so it doesn't seem out of the picture for fans to appreciate an official Shield reunion.

Hinted Already

There's no doubt about it, the WWE likes to tease its fans with hints of a possible Shield comeback. Ever since the team split, there have been little signs everywhere pointing to it. Whether it be during a Fatal 4-Way match,

to a Triple-Threat match of all three former Shield members,

to a phenomenal moment we saw earlier this year at Survivor Series,

to this tease from Tribute to the Troops a week ago that has fans on the edge of their seats, wanting more.

Whatever these mean, the WWE Universe has seen plenty of teases for Shield reunions. The time for teasing and hinting is over. Now is the time for action in reuniting.

Brand Trades

A lot of history has already been made this year in the WWE. From Shane McMahon's incredible return, to the evolution of the Women's division. But one of the biggest moments of the year was the announced Brand split. For those who don't know, WWE has two shows that are programmed on television, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. And earlier this year, it was decided that the two shows would split into different rosters, with certain superstars going to Raw, and others going to SmackDown.

This is the only place where the whole idea of the Shield reuniting can be shut down. The reason being that Ambrose is on SmackDown, while Rollins and Reigns are on Raw. But as seen in the video from Survivor Series, there still isn't much that can stop it from happening. Not only that, but we have yet to see a brand trade superstars from one to the other. We almost saw it a few weeks ago with Sami Zayn, but it only turned out to be a test. So it would work if Ambrose were to be traded to Raw, or Rollins and Reigns to SmackDown. Either would honestly boost the ratings of said show. Not only that, but with the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania on the horizon, who's to say that the brand split will last much longer?

Reduce Hate on Reigns

Say what you want about him, Roman Reigns gets a lot of hate nowadays. No matter whether you like him or not, there is no denying that. Heck, he is one of my current favorite wrestlers, and I acknowledge the amount of hate he gets. Now, this hate is for both logical and stupid reasons.

First of all, the WWE is trying to cram the idea down everyone's throats that Reigns is going to be the next John Cena. Now that idea itself is crazy, but it makes sense, as the WWE are trying to make him look stronger than everyone else, and look like a superhero. The problem is, people aren't really buying it. When he was back in the Shield, Reigns was more of the silent powerhouse of the group. More of the dialogue came from Rollins and Ambrose. Now that he is solo, many fans just can't stand him on the microphone. Many just find him boring. Now while I don't personally see that, it is understandable where fans are coming from with this.

Now, as said above, when in the Shield, Reigns was more quiet, the silent badass. If the Shield were to reunite, that would quiet Reigns slightly, which could possibly put him back in favor with WWE fans. Now, that is only a possibility, but it seems as one that could work. Because when you have fan favorites like Rollins and Ambrose, it is harder to hate on just one of three. Instead, you just end up liking all three.


In conclusion, the Shield was one of the most dominant factions that were to ever be in the WWE. Their talent and strength came close to so few. They were unstoppable. In fact, the only true threat to the Shield was themselves, as seen from the moment that Rollins betrayed them.

If the Shield were to return, it would make for a story that the WWE Universe would take up instantly. It would have moments of redemption, moments of reuniting, and moments of fixed brotherhood. All are things that make for great stories in the WWE. Now, maybe the Shield will never reunite. That is possible. And I am OK with that. But it seems highly illogical for where they all are now to never have that reuniting story that we all desperately want to see for them.

So what do you think? Should the Shield reunite? Has what we have seen only building up to the possible reunion? Do you think it will help what the fans think of Roman Reigns? Leave your thoughts down below!


Should the Shield Ever Reunite??

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