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2017 is set to be chalk full of superhero movies. From the criers, like Logan, to the epic war action of Wonder Woman, it is set to be a fun year for superheroes. And one movie that seems to have a lot of hype going into it is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Since it was announced, fans have been beyond excited for this movie. And they have had good reason to. From what we've seen, fans have a lot to look forward to, from the growing bromance between Star-Lord and Drax, to literally everything about Baby Groot. Ever since he was first seen, Baby Groot has stolen both our hearts and the show. From his dancing segment at the end of the first Guardians, to every part he is in the new trailers, there is not much to hate about him. And we certainly cannot wait to see more of him.

Unfortunately, it would seem that many have been wrong about something that has to do with him. In the first trailer for Vol. 2, this image here was the first real time we saw the new Baby Groot.

As you can see, he is wearing a red jacket. And many have thought that it is meant to be a jacket similar to that of Michael Jackson.

And honestly, it would make complete sense. After all, one of the things that make the Guardians movies so great is the music that they use in it. With the first Guardians' "Awesome Mix Vol. 1", it both gave nostalgia to older people, and introduced younger viewers to a completely new set of music. And we can expect no less from Vol. 2 either.

So all of the evidence made sense as to why he would be wearing that kind of jacket. Heck, even I believed it as well. That was until the second trailer for Vol. 2 came out. In it, we get even more of everything, including Baby Groot. And once again, he is in the jacket. However, something new is shown that shows that it is actually NOT a Michael Jackson jacket. Take a look down below.

Now in this moment, you would be overtaken by the cuteness of Baby Groot, so you most likely would miss the detail. But if you look close enough at the shoulder of the jacket, you will notice something quite interesting. You can see a little symbol there. And if you cant see it still, here is a zoomed up version of the image.

Now, from what it looks, we can observe that it is an insignia of some sort. And knowing what we know from the first Guardians movie, we can tell that it is similar to that of that Star-Lord wears on his jacket.

Now that symbol also means something else. Knowing Star-Lord's past, we knew that he grew up with the Yondu and the Ravagers. And it just so happens that they have the same symbol as well.

So we can only assume that this is the symbol for the Ravagers. This means that sadly, Groot is NOT wearing a Michael Jackson jacket, but rather, a Ravagers jacket. What this means is hard to tell right now. Hardly anything is known about the plot of Vol. 2 at this moment. So while it seems likely that the Guardians and the Ravagers will team up again at some point in the movie, everything is simply a guess right not.

So what did you think? Did you see that it wasn't a Micheal Jackson jacket? Did you think it was a Michael Jackson jacket in the first place? Do you have any other theories going into Vol. 2? Let me know your thoughts down below!!!

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