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With Suicide Squad about to break a box office record for the month of August (approximately 150 million opening weekend) that was previously held by Guardians of the Galaxy; I thought it only fitting to make a list of the top candidates for Amanda Waller's next Task Force X mission.

With the Squad being down 2 members after their first mission Amanda needs to replenish the team. My suggestion is to have Amanda choose from villains of each of the Justice League members. My thinking is if they can take on the worlds greatest heroes that definitely should be able to take on the evil guys. My first suggestion we have already seen in one of the DC Extended Universe movies.

Lex Luthor - Superman Villain

Lex Luthor - Not an original member but hear me out. My thoughts are with Lex and Waller both sharing a obsession with Meta-Humans they get close while he is locked up in Arkham. With Lex's knowledge of Meta-Humans Amanda promises Lex his freedom if he assist with the next mission. Lex accepts but has something up his sleeve to ensure his freedom.

Tattooed Man - Green Lantern Villain

Tattooed Man - Green Lantern Villain - former member of the Suicide Squad. For months and months we thought for sure we were getting a Tattooed Man. I just think it's only right that the DC Extended Universe makes it right for fans and give us the Green Lantern villain in the sequel. Plus his power set would be useful against the bigger than life monsters that the Suicide Squad usually takes on would be helpful.

Cheetah - Wonder Woman Villain

Cheetah - Wonder Woman Villain - former Suicide Squad member. Yea sure she is a speedster but she also has super senses that may keep the Suicide Squad from walking into an ambush, has poisonous claws that can cut through most things (not the lasso of truth) and she has hand to hand combat skills that rivals Wonder Woman who is the best fighter in the DC Universe. She will make a great soldier.

King Shark - Aquaman Villain

King Shark - Aquaman Villain - former member of the Suicide Squad. Gotta have the mindless muscle. If the sequel is R rated he could eat a couple people to validate it. Also, if the mission is taken off land it would be great to have someone who is experienced in deep sea diving.

Killer Frost - Flash Villain

Killer Frost - Flash Villain - former member of the Suicide Squad. What's cooler than cool? Ice cold! The wind chill factor has nothing on this cold blooded villain. Definitely has a skill set that could be beneficial on any hot new mission.

Bronze Tiger - Batman Villain

Bronze Tiger - Batman Villain - former member of the Suicide Squad. One of the only characters in the comics to ever beat Batman in hand to hand combat....enough said.

Death Stroke - Cyborg Villain

Death Stroke - Cyborg (Teen Titans) villain - former member of the Suicide Squad. Yes Deadshot would be jealous of Deathstroke and his marksmanship ability. However, I think there could be some natural comedy that comes from the rival while on missions to settle who the best assassin is. They could pull a Lord of the Rings and tally 1 shot kills....if you kill someone you get a point but if it takes 2 or more shots it doesn't count.

Those are my top choices for new members. What do you think? Who would you like to add to the Suicide Squad. Please share your thoughts below.


Who should be a member of the Suicide Squad in the Sequel?

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