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What can i say about the sequel to the very famous Pitch Perfect 1 hmmm.......

The characters came back this time around with a new twist musical performances, campus high jinks, stinging humor and sassy sisterhood. The Pitch Perfect 2 comes up with something even a little bit more on key this time around compared to the first huge hit. Did it miss this a not this time around?

The film started off with a memory that repeats with an onstage embarrassment. Pitch Perfect started by putting all-girl campus a cappella group the Barden Bellas on the back foot when their leader, Aubrey blows chunks all over the audience at the climax of their national championship performance. Here, four years on from the events of the first film, the humiliation is even greater when Fat Amy's spandex outfit splits in the middle of a performance in front of President Obama and the first lady to reveal she's gone naked. This little stunt brings on more chaos then the first movie produced.

The film goes into twist and turns giving the female characters an anagonist function, now that some of the girls are openly dating members of Barden College's other star a cappella outfit The Treblemakers. The movie produced some more funny gags, huge ensemble cast and well Musically, the songbook is a far hipper, more youth-skewed selection, featuring a lot more new-millennium material, especially in the delightful sing-off scene, which showcases a medley of ditties about a subject that comes to close to home. The songs were catchy but to be honest the story line was not so well on "pitch." It could have made a more compelling story if it had the same sense of direction that the first famous hit had. The movie just seemed like...lets put everything together an throw some more people and add more special effects! If i could give this movie a rating from 1 to 10, it would be a 6! It was a nice try but to be honest it could of done a lot better. What do you guys think of the sequel? leave comments below.

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