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TV superheroes have never been stronger, and I'm not talking about powers. Between Marvel's shows and the CW's Arrowverse, superheroes are finding big success on the small screen. The mid-season finales of and have fans raving. While Arrow posed more questions than it answered, The Flash seemed to wrap up all of the loose ends into a rather beautiful Christmas bow. The biggest question on fan's minds is: Where does The Flash plan to go from here? One of the shows stars, Carlos Valdes (who plays Cisco/Vibe on the show), revealed some exciting news during the CW's Fan Feast.

Gypsy Is Coming To Central City

Sometime in the second half of The Flash's third season we'll be seeing the introduction of Justice League and Birds of Prey member Gypsy. Although never a huge player in the comics, and Vibe have a long history together which seems to be why she's coming to the show. Cisco has come a long way in understanding his metahuman abilities, but he's still learning. Gypsy is set to help guide him into greatness. Before she hits our screens, let's learn a little bit about this exciting (possible) new addition to Team Flash.

Gypsy Will Be Played By Jessica Camacho

Jessica Camacho On Sleepy Hollow
Jessica Camacho On Sleepy Hollow

In some exciting news reported by TheWrap, Sleeping Hollow star Jessica Camacho will be portraying Gypsy. Camacho is no newbie to television, having small roles on a number of big shows, she landed her first big role on Last Resort in which she played Pilar Cortez. Jessica was a recurring guest star on Fox's Sleeping Hollow before her character Sophie Foster was promoted to a series regular last year. She definitely has the look down and I think she'll be a wonderful fit within the rest of the team. Now that we know who will be playing Gypsy, one huge question remains...

Who Is Gypsy?

Born Cindy Rollins, Gypsy was just a normal teenage girl when her metahuman powers began to manifest. She ran away from her family when she was 14 and headed to Detroit (where she would later join the Detroit branch of the ). She has the unique abilities of illusion casting, which basically means she has the powers of a chameleon and can blend in with her surroundings, making her practically invisible. Her illusion casting ability also enables her to send images into the minds of her opponents and project the illusion of other people (although it's rather limited as the person needs to be the relatively the same height and body shape as her for it to look real). Besides her powers, she's also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, a good acrobat, and proficient at firearms. All of this sets her apart from the current Team Flash lineup, so I'm excited to see what she brings to the table.

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Vibe And Gypsy's Relationship

Alright, that above image is unfair. Vibe and Gypsy were never actually in a romantic relationship; that kiss just took place in order for Vibe to have enough concentration when he tries to look at every dimension at once (I know, comic books are weird). Despite this, Vibe and Gypsy were always shown to be close friends and good allies, bonding over the fact that neither of them ever felt like they belonged. Vibe and Gypsy both share the same comic creators and first appeared in the same issue. They were both a part of the Justice League Detroit team together and have fought alongside one another numerous times. They were even chased by the and captured by Amanda Waller.

However, perhaps the most heartwretching event the two ever went through together was Vibe's death. In a premonition, Gypsy foresaw the death of her close friend and did everything in her power to stop her vision from coming true (in much the same way Cisco will be trying to stop his vision of fighting Caitlin from coming true). A super villain named Professor Ivo sent an android to wipe out the Justice League Detroit team and before Gypsy could reason with the android and convince it not to kill her, Vibe had already been murdered. Hopefully, we won't see this particular story line come to fruition as I love Cisco's character too much, but after Savitar's creepy prophecy, anything could happen.

What Gypsy's Introduction Could Mean For The CW

Besides possibly seeing the downfall of Cisco Ramon, Gypsy's introduction to the CW could have various ramifications throughout the entire . Depending on how well liked she is by fans, we might even see her become a permanent fixture to Team Flash. Personally, I think we need more female superheroes on The Flash, because the current count is at 1:2 (I won't count Caitlin as a hero just yet). However, Gypsy might also be used as a way to introduce viewers to more members of the and just maybe (that's a huge maybe) the next addition to the CW superhero TV lineup will be a reboot of the Birds of Prey TV show. We might also see Gypsy move to , as many of the "lesser" heroes from The Flash and Arrow have done.

Whatever happens, one thing is for certain. The introduction of Gypsy is definitely going to shake things up and keep The Flash interesting. We haven't seen anybody like Gypsy on the show before and it'll allow Cisco to really become quite a cool meta in his own right.

The Flash returns January, 24th at 8pm.


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