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It come as a shocking surprise to fans when it was announced just a short while ago that star, David Harbour, would be playing the famed anti-hero Hellboy in a reboot to the franchise that started in 2004. It wasn't necessarily push back to Harbour's casting, nor the news that would return to the big screen that surprised people, what was surprising was just earlier this year director Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman (who had played the titular character in the original films) had sat down to discuss making a third installment. Some might assume Perlman would be furious (or at least displeased) to learn he had been replaced. Fortunately, Perlman is a nice guy.

Ron Perlman and David Harbour Have Dinner Together

Gathered together by their mutual colleague Patton Oswalt, Perlman and Harbour sat down to dinner and based on his Facebook post, the elder actor wished nothing but the best for the new Hellboy.

Shortly after Harbour was cast in the role of the menacing hero from hell, Ron Perlman discussed his feelings towards the actor at Motor City Comic Con saying:

“David Harbour is a good dude. I wish him nothing but the best when it comes to the retooling of HB.”

It's nice to see that there isn't any bad blood between the two talent actors, the way Perlman has handled being cut out of the franchise is great and really proves the kind of guy he is. Of course, Perlman is still disappointed at not being able to portray Hellboy again, but fortunately now of that disappoint has been blamed on David Harbour.

So far there has been no news on when Harbour will begin donning the red makeup or when the new Hellboy movie will hit theaters, but here we will be, eagerly awaiting the return of the hero from hell.


How do you feel about the Hellboy reboot?

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