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Superheroes have been dominating the large screen every year, but they have yet to become as gruesome and grim as the source material. In comicbooks and video games, our favorite superheroes have done some truly horrible things. One of the worst things to happen is the vile murder of The Joker at the hands of while a shocked Batman watches helpless in the background. It's an iconic scene that fans first saw on the pages of , which was later adapted to the hit video game of the same name. This past weekend, a Joker cosplayer got to relive this scene with none other than Superman himself — actor Dean Cain.

Comic book writer Tom Taylor, who wrote Joker's murder, shared the picture from the Supernova convention held in Perth, Australia in June 2017. Taylor took on the role of Batman while the former Superman star Dean Cain (famous for his role on Lois & Clark) reprised his role as the Big Blue Boy Scout, along with a fan cosplaying as Joker. Even though the trio are recreating a gruesome moment from the comics, you can just see how much fun they are all having and how excited the cosplayer is to be meeting the Superman. One question has plagued the internet because of the image though and that is...

Where Has Dean Cain Been?

As it turns out, Cain hasn't been far from his DC roots and most recently has been a key figure on the CW's . On the show Cain doesn't don a super suit or have powers and he can't outrace a speeding train, but he is the father to someone who can. Cain has been playing Kara Danver's (Supergirl's) adoptive father Jeremiah Danvers. In fact, this isn't the first time Cain has played a superhero's parent. He gave his voice to Jonathan Kent on the show DC Super Hero Girls and in the subsequent TV movie DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High.

In addition, Cain had a small role as the immortal villain Dr. Curtis Knox on Smallville. It's nice to see that even after all of these years, Cain still has a home at DC. Aside from DC project, Cain has also kept busy by appearing in several movies and starring in several television shows.

It's always fun to see iconic moments from the pages of comic books come to life, even if that's just a fun photo from comic con. It's extra fun when one of the people involved wrote the scene and another person involved has played the character. We'll probably never get over Superman killing the Joker (and countless other people as well) throughout the Injustice storyline, but at least we can laugh about it now.

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