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The future of Gegard Mousasi remains uncertain, but for the minute at least, the Dutchman is enjoying himself on a UFC promotional tour of Asia.

Mousasi completed his current UFC contract with a win over at last month in Buffalo. While the victory was shrouded in controversy after a dispute over the legality of Mousasi’s knees, the record books show that he’s put five wins together on the bounce against high-level competition.

Earlier today, reached out to Mousasi’s management to ask if there was any update on his contract situation with the UFC. Mousasi’s manager, Nima Safapour, replied saying there was no update.

While it appears Mousasi and his management are remaining tight-lipped on his future, speaking yesterday to reporters in Manila, the former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion said that if stays with the UFC he wants his next fight to be in his home country of the Netherlands.

Below is a transcript of an interview that Mousasi did with after completing an open workout at the Glorietta 2 Activity Centre.

Reporter: Will you still be a UFC middleweight fighter?

Mousasi: I don’t know about [what is] next, we will see.

Reporter: What is your most unforgettable fight in your career so far, particularly as a UFC middleweight fight[er]?

Mousasi: Probably Jacare, when I won, but in the UFC, I don’t know.

Reporter: What is next for Gegard Mousasi?

Mousasi: September, in Holland, against a top three guy.

Reporter: Any message for your Asian fans?

Mousasi: Thank you for coming. I did my best and I hope everyone enjoys the fights.

Well that clears that up then …

No one knows exactly where or what the Dutchman will end up doing next, but if he is to remain in the UFC, a rematch with Chris Weidman doesn’t look like the fight he’s after. Stay tuned for further developments.

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