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UFC Fighters from across the world are descending on Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend for the first ever “Athlete Retreat” held under the WME-IMG ownership.

Over 300 fighters on the UFC roster have been invited to participate in the weekend, with the focus centred on the opening of the UFC’s new state of the art “Performance Institute Facility".

One man making the hop from East Coast to West Coast America will be UFC welterweight, Mike Perry. Coming off the back of a big win, Perry’s confidence is sky high and he’s already chasing after his next fight.

UFC fighters Alan Jouban and Sam Alvey have spoken out previously of how Perry had tried to intimidate them during fight week at the fighter hotel. Speaking to earlier this week, Perry said even out of fight week, his mentality wouldn’t change.

“What next? Well I’m going to go to this retreat in Las Vegas this weekend,” Perry said. “A bunch of motherf*ckers are going to be there and I’ll start a fight in the lobby with all of them—I don’t give a damn. They [the UFC] want to see all us fighters, well let’s see what happens when they put us all in a room—we just going to fight in that b*tch.”

If any trouble does kick off, Perry says he won’t be the one instigating it. As far as he’s concerned, if trouble finds him, he will be ready, but he’s not going to be the one kicking off fights.

“Listen, there ain’t going to be no tension from me,” Perry said. “But if a motherf*cker gets a trippin', and looks at me sideways, then I’ll happily put them in their place.”

Perry’s never back down attitude has been garnering plenty of attention with UFC fans. With three knockout wins in four fights, Perry has been making name for himself fast and he’s beginning to sense his popularity rising in the public sphere.

“It’s cool that more people are starting to recognize me,” Perry said. “It happens a lot more that people recognize me in random places. I don’t really think too much about you know. To me, it’s all the same. I don’t really do any of this for the attention you know. I just like to fight and I happen to be good at it. It’s cool when people say, ‘Hey man, I saw your fight and I think you’re great,’ I appreciate that, but I’m not about sitting around lapping up praise. I just want to fight again.”

The UFC return to action on May 29 in Stockholm, Sweden for UFC Fight Night 109. In the main event, Alexander Gustafsson takes on Glover Teixeira.

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