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MMA story chaser from the UK

Some have the ability to take your breath away--this was certainly one of them.

English middleweight, , took on Rafal Cejrowski on the undercard on Friday evening. The fight was scheduled for three, five minute rounds, but Edwards was in no mind to hang around and got the job done in the first round.

The UTC man set about his business quickly and established his range well and caught Cejrowski several times with both his punches and kicks.

After two minutes, Cejrowski hit the deck for the first time as he walked onto a stiff jab and quickly found himself on the mat. Edwards rushed in for the finish, but Cejrowski tied him up nicely and made his way back to his feet, albeit very groggy.

Unfortunately for Cejrowski, this was only the sign of things to come and his evening came to a devastating end just minutes later. After clinching up to his man, Edwards lined up Cejrowski for a knee, hit him with a elbow, and then landed two uppercuts to send him back first into the cage. From there, Edwards nailed him with a kick to the midsection before landing a devastating flying knee to send Cejrowski unconscious to the mat.

It was an incredible finish to get the action well and truly underway at the SSE Wembley in London, England.

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