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I'm a huge fan of Christopher Nolan's Filmography.


A follow-up to his Oscar winning film, Whiplash, Australian film-maker, Damien Chazelle has daringly written a beautiful and audacious story about dreams and hope.

A movie making can be an art-form and a beautiful one, and La La Land captures all of that. Every musical number is filmed in single takes including its sensational opening scene where Linus Sandgren’s camera swooping, swerving, weaving and flying around the performers (one of the best musical numbers ever filmed & one of the best scenes all year).

The moment it was over, the moment I wanted to see it again.

La La Land is a story about two struggling artists and dreamers, Mia an aspiring actress who serves lattes in between auditions and Sebastian a dedicated jazz musician who's trying to save the dying jazz music. Both found themselves in love, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.

This 31 year old dude, Damien Chazelle has masterfully crafted the usage of color, sets, costumes and music to tell an emotional story. The film uses old school techniques that were used in 1920's and 1930's to tell a contemporary story to modern audiences that doesn't feel derivative. With modern day Los Angeles as the backdrop, this film captures the beauty of the city that feels unique and magical. One of the strongest elements of the film is the orchestration, Justin Hurwitz score captures the authenticity of the story. It's playful, touching and thrilling.

Mia Dolan, played impeccably by Emma Stone who gives the best performance of her career. It is fun to witness how she grow in every film she's in. In this film, you won't remember her as, Stone, you'd remember her as a mature and aspiring actress. Sebastian Wilder played by (never been better) Ryan Gosling who had been practicing playing piano for months to perform several pieces in the film including the film's theme, gives an excellent performance as a struggling jazz musician aiming to save the sinking world of jazz music.

La La Land is irresistible and unforgettable piece of cinema and a wonderful gift to all movie lovers. It is brisk, spectacular and breathtakingly crafted. It is unlike any other musical movies you've seen before. La La Land is truly a musical triumph!

We don't get films like this anymore. Please do not wait to see this on a device on can hold in your hand.

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