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Hashtag is a science fiction short — a sleek, smart, and sexy view of a world where social media dominates every moment of our lives. Hashtag follows “X”, the ultimate social media maven, a charismatic woman attracting the attention of tens of millions of online followers. "X" has attained everything she's ever wanted. She's , she's , and one unpopular move could mean the .

Hashtag is directed and co-written by Ben Alpi (Cowboy Creed, Silver Lining) who was inspired by a TED talk to write a story about our culture’s obsession with speed. Ben approached veteran sci-fi writer, Kevin Rubio (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ben 10, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, TROOPS), to co-write the script and the present incarnation of the script was born. Hashtag is an original, imaginative and thought-provoking tale in the wicked tradition of The Twilight Zone. Through the medium of classic science fiction storytelling, our writers weave a disturbing story of our all-too-possible future as a social-media society obsessed with virtual information and celebrity.

Starring as “X” is Gigi Edgley. A superior and nuanced actress, Gigi is well known for her role as “Chiana” in Syfy Channel’s internationally acclaimed sci-fi series Farscape, and more recently as the host of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. She has also had a leading role in the Australian series, Rescue Special Ops and appeared in USA network TV miniseries, The Starter Wife. Well-versed in alternate realities, Gigi is skilled at creating amazing connections between our present selves and the “other” of speculative fiction.

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